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Name:Emmanuel Santino Marquez
Birthdate:Apr 30
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Emmanuel Santino Marquez was born in San Sebastian, Spain, into a large extended family, including his cousins, Shane and Valentina. Emmanuel's mother, and Shane and Valentina's mother are sisters, and Emmanuel and the twins were born just one month apart. Because they were the same age, they grew up very close. Emmanuel was one of five kids born to his mom and dad, and the youngest and only boy. When Shane and Valentina moved to New York, Emmanuel felt the sting of their absence and always had an urge to follow them. With his father an international pilot for Iberia Airlines, Emmanuel always wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a pilot too. He worked hard, loved school, and whilst aiming to get his pilots license, learned three different languages - English, French, and Italian - throughout his school and college careers, on top of his Spanish roots.

His grades saw him earning a scholarship to Oxford Aviation Academy in England, and nothing was going to hold him back. He had been raised in a very hard working family who held work ethics in high standard. All his sisters went on to professional careers, and his mother was a Pediatric Speech Pathologist in their home city of San Sebastian. However, it was always Emmanuel's aim to finish college as a fully qualified pilot and move to New York to be near his cousins. Which is exactly what he ended up doing, and scored his first job as a pilot with American Airlines, domestic flights.

In fact, it was on an overnight stopover between jobs in LA where Emmanuel's life would take a twist he never expected. He was at a hotel bar with a couple of his flight attendant colleagues, sitting on Diet Coke when he spotted young rockstar sensation, Phoenix Wallace sitting with his twin brother, Philip, across the bar. Everyone knew who Phoenix and Philip were, not just because of Phoenix's rockstar status, but because the twins were the sons of a bandmate of Corbyn Bellerose, a rockstar in his own right in the 70s and 80s. Emmanuel wasn't the sort to be starstuck by any means. He frequently stopped over in LA and other big cities, so flying celebrities were water of a duck's back to him. But it was only when Philip proceeded to make with some pretty intense eyesex across the room that he couldn't look away. In fact, it was so intense that Valentina, who had come to meet him at the hotel for a drink because she was in town wrapping shooting on her TV show, blatantly called him out on the eyesex.

Phoenix had taken a phone call on his cell and left the bar with a wave at his brother right when Emmanuel was going to the bathroom. It wasn't a surprise when Philip followed him, and what happened then was a very hot and heavy hook-up in the mens room. But it didn't stop there. They went back to Emmanuel's hotel room together and had another round in the shower and then again in the bed. The next morning, at the crack of dawn so Emmanuel could make work on time, he tried to end the encounter with a thanks but no thanks farewell. Philip responded by going down on him as a, 'One for the road', but despite assuming it would just be a one-nighter, they still swapped numbers and connected on Facebook.

It was the beginning of a pretty hot love affair, mostly long distance. But whenever they were in the same city, they hooked up again. There was no stopping it progressing into more than casual sex. They had a sparking chemistry neither could deny, and feelings developed quickly. Emmanuel was unsure at first, knowing his job meant his feet didn't touch the ground in one place for too long and he didn't know how it would go keeping up a relationship like that. Philip was also very career focused, but somehow, it just worked because neither put any restrictions or expectations on it. In fact, they even tried keeping it an open relationship at first, knowing the distance could mean they both had needs. What they found was neither slept with anyone else, instead waiting to return to each other and having spent time apart, the reunion sex was fiery.

Their relationship just continued to blossom, until one day, Philip was suddenly popping the question to Emmanuel completely out of the blue. Emmanuel hadn't seen it coming at all, and although he had concerns about being away so much that wouldn't be good for a marriage, suddenly being proposed to made it feel right. They decided against a big wedding, instead sinking the cash into jetting off to a luxury tropical location with Shane, Valentina, and Phoenix as a witnesses and got married on sunset on the beach, followed by three weeks of epic honeymoon sex.

Now they're based in New York City, where Philip now has a the Broadway role of Kenicki in Grease on Broadway. They're marriage is going strong and even though Emmanuel is away for days at a time with his job, it works for them and they couldn't be happier.

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